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Who We Are

The Saramana SAR Chapter of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, is one of the largest chapters in Florida. The Florida SAR Society is the second largest state society in the world.

We are a brotherhood of adult and youth males united by lineage connections to the Patriots that sacrificed their lives and fortunes to give us the United States of America. Descent from those Patriots bears a responsibility to reverently honor their lives and sacrifices. The SAR provides us with opportunities to share our passions and interests in our communities, our states, and the nation. Just as our Patriot ancestors worked together to overcome obstacles and achieve high levels of success, we work united to achieve common goals.

Our Chapter Luncheon meetings are normally held in January, February, March, April, May, October, November and December unless there is a conflict. Wives, family, prospective new members, DAR Members, and your guests are always welcome. Please see the current issue of our Quill & Bugle Newsletter under Newsletters for menu choices and to make the required reservations. For additional information including Directions to Sara Bay Country Club, please click on Luncheon Meetings.

SAR Values

How we protect our Constitution and perpetuating American ideals and traditions.


From October through May of each year, the Saramana SAR Chapter has monthly noon luncheon meetings. These are normally held at the Der Dutchman, which first opened in 1926. We hold special combined meetings with the five local DAR Chapters during February, June, and September. These meetings are held at various country clubs in the Sarasota / Manatee County area and feature a prominent speaker in a field related to U.S. history and other key issues of the day.

SAR Activities

Other chapter activities include our Colonial Uniform and Militia color guard participation in major parades, community patriotic ceremonies, Veteran interment and school programs. Members also lead efforts to inspire our youth through the annual student, Eagle Scout, JROTC medal program, essay and oration contests. We recognize community members and organizations that have demonstrated courage, heroism or patriotism in significant ways, including annual Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical Services, and Fire Safety awards.

Become the
Member of SAR

We always have a warm welcome for new members. If you are not a member of the SAR and would like more information about joining the SAR. We have experienced genealogist helpers to work with you. If you are already a member of the SAR and would like to join the Saramana SAR Chapter, please fill out the information below. Membership is open to any adult male who is a lineal descendant of a Revolutionary War soldier or patriot male or female. We descend from the 1st Soldier, Sailor, Marine and America’s 1st Veterans. Junior membership is available for youth under 18. Women and children interested in joining should contact the Daughters of the American Revolution or the Children of the American Revolution.


Upcoming Events

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The Saramana Chapter Of The SAR would like to welcome you to our next meeting and to join our effort in preserving American patriotism.